Long term rental office furniture

Long-term rental of office furniture is an innovative solution to renovate your work spaces. The Ufficiostile offers, with rental formulas from 24 up to 60 months without advance payment, are dedicated to: professionals, small and medium-sized companies. Access the long-term rental form of office furniture, armchairs, partition walls and equipped allows you to furnish your work spaces without commit your capital.

Ufficiostile rental

Ufficiostile rental is a division specialized in long-term operating leasing. For any information call 06 -93541055 or write to info@ufficiostile.com

Examples of rental offers

Long term rental offers

How does it work

Ufficiostile provides you with free consulting and design, always through architects and interior designers qualified. This activity is followed by relative cost estimates to meet your small and large needs office furnishings. If the proposed solutions, the quality of the products offered and of course the prices and conditions of supply are considered satisfactory by you usually proceed to purchase. At this point, before proceeding with the purchase, you can request the long term rental estimate at 24, 36, 48 or 60 months.
The first interesting aspect is that you can compare purchase and rental formula in the knowledge that the products and the supplier are the same.
Often companies that offer operating leases do not offer sales and vice versa involves doubts about the quality of products and / or services that may differ from each other, making it difficult to choose between purchase option and rental option.
Ufficiostile declares both the sale price and the rent related to the chosen products. If you consider it appropriate to proceed with the rental, it will be Ufficiostile upon request of some documents to inform you of the outcome of acceptance within 24/48 hours. If the request can not be accepted it is important to underline that this aspect it will not entail any indication in the central risks of banking institutions, such as not to affect your eventualities future credit requests. No advance payment will be required while rental fees will be requested Rental fees will be required three months periods in advance.

At the end of the rental period you can choose to:

  • Return office furniture
  • Extend the rental for additional periods
  • Return furniture and start a new rental contract with new furnishing solutions that are more suited to your future needs
  • Buy the goods rented in the period

Benefits of the rental:

  • Fixed and predetermined costs
  • A money advance is not required
  • No capital immobilization
  • It does not influence yours lines of credit
  • Small monthly fees help you choose what you need by reducing the conditioning related to your financial budget

Rental and tax aspects:

The rental is 100% deductible. Total deductibility of the fee from the taxable income (IRES) without minimum durations related to depreciation of the asset. For IRAP purposes the total deductibility of the fee is envisaged without distinction between capital and interest, as for a lease.