Vertical green walls for interiors.Vertical green walls for interiors.

Vertical indoor gardens made of lichen, do not require maintenance of land, fertilizer or water, do not need sunlight, have soundproofing properties, are fireproof. Scandinavian natural lichen can be applied to naturally decorate walls, columns, paintings, to reproduce company logos and or for high-impact advertising purposes


Lichen walls

Lichen walls

Plants and flowers stabilized as well as giving a significant aesthetic impact and design to work environments, favoring a positive climax with functional advantages related to sound absorption. They are particularly suitable for office use as they do not require maintenance, do not get dusty, do not undergo alterations due to temperature variations also linked to the use of air conditioning systems.


They are not partitions, but wall coverings.

Lichen coatings

Positve thinkings

Contagious positivity, to cover walls, columns, paintings, to generate decorations and logos, from very small to large.

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