Floating floors for interiors.

Floating floors for interiors.

The raised floors for interiors, also called floating, are basically floors without fixing that allow an inspectability and a total accessibility of the underlying space. These floors, without compromising stability, are obviously reusable and repositionable, they can be covered with any material, parquet, laminated wood, natural stone, stoneware, PVC, steel, rubber. Of great aesthetic impact and easy installation, they retain, as the best main feature, the possibility to easily manage the space below for the management of electrical, telephone, plumbing and air conditioning systems.



Floating panels

The raised or floating floor panels are structurally made in three different parts:

Walking surface- Visible and walkable part of the floor that can be made with different materials.

Structural core - internal part of the floors made of wood conglomerate or calcium sulphate.

Lower paneling - underlying part of the panels in contact with the supporting structure protected with aluminum sheets to preserve the panels from humidity


Panel finishing materials.

Floating floor finishing materials

Available with both economical and valuable materials

HPL laminate wood characterized by a photographic print that reproduces exactly the various types of parquet. it is an economical and performing solution.

Porcelain stoneware: a compact and hard paste ceramic characterized by properties such as hardness, mechanical resistance, stiffness and abrasion resistance. These properties depend on the composition and structure of the ceramic materials and the special production processes to which they are subjected. The ceramic is substantially obtained from mixtures of clays, sand and other natural substances which, after appropriate preparation, are fired at very high temperatures (1000-1300 C °). The stoneware is a product with high technical and aesthetic characteristics, it is versatile and functional. Concrete effect tiles, stone, marble and even parquet or fabric, available in different color solutions to furnish all environments with refinement and naturalness. Natural finishing surfaces, polished, satin, lapped, structured, to meet specific aesthetic and technical requirements

PVC is a vinyl material that reproduces and imitates the finest materials such as marble, stone, parquet, or in solid colors or with different designs and colors. It has many advantageous characteristics: it is resistant to foot traffic, it is cheap and available in a wide range of colors that allow you to customize the environments. In the acoustic version batting the noises inside the space and absorbs the noises of trampling.

Linoleum, a natural material with a strong environmental and ecological value. It is made with a jute canvas support covered with a mixture of linseed oil, wood flour, cork and pigments.

The Parquet made of natural wood is a piece of furniture of great aesthetic value and allows creating warm and appreciated environments. The wide chromatic range of the different essences allows you to choose between different colors. The woods can also be painted, treated or processed to design.

The granite, the marble or the stones, natural materials of great aesthetic impact. The carpet retains the powders of the environment, isolates from the noise, thermally insulated is an economic solution available in many aesthetic solutions for work environments and domestic environments.





Structure of the panels

Structure of the floating panels

Wood conglomerate and calcium sulphate.

The support panels are substantially of two basic types: wood conglomerate or chipboard and inert based on calcium sulphate. A composite panel is available on request. The panels in high density wood conglomerate, Kg / m3 720 ca, are made with a mixture of wood particles and binders with low formaldehyde emission, (class E1 according to EN120) produced in compliance with the principles of Sustainable Development and of the Eco quality project. They are finished laterally with a perimeter border of 0.5 mm in self-extinguishing plastic in the basic colors black and beige. it is possible to use on request an edge of various colors so as to match it as much as possible with the color of the upper covering and make it less visible. The thickness varies from 28 to 38 mm .. The first is used with marble or stone. The thickness 38 instead can be considered the basic panel, widely used with the whole range of possible coatings, such as stoneware, steel, parquet, laminate, PVC etc.



Insulation sheets

Insulation sheets

Protection against moisture.

The lower part is generally protected with an aluminum sheet of 0.05 mm but can be reinforced with a flat steel plate or with a 0.5 mm thick tray, edge side h. 8 mm, always in steel, which increase the capacity.For the panels combined with stone materials and stoneware, a melamine finish is applied to the lower part to solve the problem, especially during the handling and assembly of the panels, the graphing and streak by contact.



The advantages of floating floors

The advantages of floating floors

As above, so below.

Floating floors offer several advantages: They are easy to install and can be laid on a pre-existing floor without having to remove it. They are easy to maintain, if you break or damage a panel, it can easily be replaced without having to do any work on the structure. They are easy to replace, If with the passage of time or due to changing furnishing needs, you want to replace the floor, you will need to buy new panels but you can maintain the structure. Floating floors are above all easy to inspect and allow the management of electrical wiring and systems in general, without having to break anything. In this regard, the load-bearing structure of the floating floors can be adjusted in height according to such a requirement as to be able to also receive cables of considerable size.

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Purchase and long-term rental of floating office floors

long-term rental of floating office floors

long-term rental of floating office floors.

The raised floors for offices are proposed by Ufficiostile also in long-term rental formula with possibility of redemption. For more information call the toll-free number 800.011.042 or write to info@ufficiostile.com

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