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Multiple tier lockers

Cabinets from 4 to 20 compartments with single or centralized lock, available in different colors. The cabinet is supplied on feet or on a base with a height equal to 15 cm, its supporting structure is made of profiled steel sheet first choice. The thickness of the sheet used is 6/10. The doors are reinforced, with special anti-burglary internal hinges, perimeter front edge rounded anti shock radius mm 6.Treatment of the surfaces of the product: by means of heavy iron phosphate as a preparation for painting that takes place by anodic electrodeposition with guaranteed thickness in each part of the piece of furniture. 180 ° furnace cross-linking. Varnishes: acrylics with high corrosion resistance according to A.S.T.M.B. 117.64  

The used paint does not release harmful substances into the air as it has undergone a crosslinking treatment.