Waiting seats

Sofa seating
Office sofas available in the classic version with two, three seats, or lounge models for large waiting and public areas. The different models...
Small sofas
The small sofas are a practical and modern solution to set up waiting areas typical of commercial, professional and representative offices. While in...
Beam seating
Benches waiting seats available with fast delivery and in special offer, Italian production.This selection of beam seating does not include all...
Armchairs and chairs suitable for tastefully furnishing waiting corners or conference and relax areas.

Waiting seats, different models with fast delivery of sofas, waiting benches and armchairs available in different types of upholstery and colors. This selection of products does not include all the waiting seats of the Ufficiostile collection, for any need and for more information call the toll-free number 800.011.042 or write to info@ufficiostile.com