Design and estimates for office furniture

Designing interiors is; a profession ... is; a passion .... it is a circumscribed idea, exclusively from a space ...;(P.Perelli). 

Designing the interiors of a work environment means proposing functional solutions, both for the division of spaces and for the right dimensioning of furniture; furnishings, and seats that will have to partially fill them with respect to the empty spaces that guarantee the comfort of the furnishings themselves.The interior design for the architects Ufficiostile does not only mean designing the management and subdivision of the spaces, but also: furniture proposals and quality chairs in compliance with the regulations in force for safety in the workplace, soundproofing and lighting of the rooms, partitions and walls, wall coverings, floating floors, false ceilings, curtains. Most of the Interior Design services offered by Ufficiostile are offered free of charge, this does not mean that they have no value, a project is always born from an idea, an intellectual property that is expressed through graphic drawings and technicians written by qualified staff, 'idea originates from the synthesis between the business experience, shared heritage with all the architects of Ufficiostile, the needs of the potential consumer, the available space and capacity; inventiveness and design of the single professional

Ufficiostile service for interior design accompanied by preventive office furnishings:

CAD 2D and 3D projects, estimate furniture, seating, partition walls.

Free service within 8 working hours of request

Progettazione e preventivi

3D Virtual rendering

Free service on request according to availability (maximum 2 rooms)

Progettazione e preventivi

3D video animated navigation inside environments.

paid service

Lighting design

Free online service within 24 working hours of the request

Design and estimates for acoustic systems

Free online service within 24 working hours of the request

Estimates inspections, surveys and measurements at the customer

Free service within 12 working hours from the request in the cities of: Rome, Milan, Turin, Ancona, Bologna, Rieti, Naples.
Free service within 24 working hours from the request in the cities & rsquo; of
Bergamo, Brescia, Caserta, Como, Civitavecchia, Monza and Brianza, Forli & rsquo ;, Frosinone, Imola, Latina, Aquila, Novara, Parma, Perugia, Piacenza, Reggio Emilia, Rimini, Sassuolo.